Wednesday , 23 July 2014
Google Vs Facebook

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New ideas In to Google Vs Facebook No Time Before Unveiled


Now, along with almost 960 thousand individuals, Facebook is without a doubt the most used social connection in the world. Over 40 % of the U.S. population has a Facebook account. Facebook is placed second in UNITED STATE website brows through, making it the leading competitor against Google in relation to internet website traffic. Along with revenue of $4.3 billion, ... Read More »

VoIP and Google Plus, Facebook


Google Plus (Google+) Google has unveiled its new social networking site, Google Plus (or Google+), seemingly in an attempt to compete with social networking giant Facebook. One of the things it has done that isn’t currently possible with Facebook, is have in-built VoIP, meaning users will be able to have voice conversations through Google Plus. It allows people to create ... Read More »

How to Hyperlink Your Google+ Account Jointly With Your Facebook Account


Google+ is touted to be a replacement for Facebook, then one of your choices Google offers stands out as the option of linking company accounts using their company social media sites, allowing people to search your Google+ account and see Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts at the same time. Other available choices let you synchronizing the feed out ... Read More »

Google +1 Doesn’t Add Up

google plus one

All you want to known abot Google +1 Google +1 is “the digital shorthand for that’s pretty cool”, in keeping with its announcement on its official blog. The Google +1 service, enabled in your Google Account, lets people annotate serp’s and ads that they can publically recommend website. The reach of this element just isn’t restricted to friends or others ... Read More »

Google plus | How to integrate the google page a more adwords campaign


+ Google continues its integration across all Google products. Now, advertisers can integrate their Google page More ads in their Adwords … For some time now, the button is an integrated network display banners Adwords. You can view your contacts enjoying the product you are about to see the ad (see the screenshot below). Last week, the business pages have ... Read More »

Can Google+ Stop Facebook From Becoming The Top Site On The Web


All the talk recently has been about Google+ and can it beat Facebook at the social networking game? But a more interesting question to consider is the heated Google vs Facebook competition. If you just examine the Alexa numbers alone, you will see that  Facebook is beating Google hands-down in some very important  traffic stats. Actually, in both May and ... Read More »

Google+ vs Facebook


Current match could be  Google+ vs Facebook ? Google is at the center of the Net . Even as embraced its saying, “Don’t be bad,” we accepted the actual grasp of its ubiquity.And for the majority of us, Google has received a hand in a few of the big selections we’ve manufactured in the final a few years:which vehicle we ... Read More »

Facebook Privacy Policy is Better Than You’ve Heard


Facebook Privacy Policy     There is a guy (or a girl) who doesn’t really mind   that Facebook knows a lot about him. He doesn’t mind that Facebook uses this information to serve up ads. In fact, he likes it.This guy is you; or at least he should be. Online advertising has come a long way. Just a year ago, we were ... Read More »

Google had to do something


After all it couldn’t simply watch as Facebook became the default social home of the connected individual. So it first tried to ride a new (Google) Wave but others just didn’t find it surf-worthy. Then it tried to create a new Buzz but managed just a jarring note with exposed contact list of Gmail users. Suddenly, Google didn’t seem the ... Read More »

Google plus circles in gmail account


If you use webmail from Google, Gmail, you could not miss it (*): Now in the left column appears a “+ Circles” This is actually your Google + circles if you have an account. This means that Gmail is now organizing our emails within our circles and it is possible to deploy       the “+” then click on the circle ... Read More »