Friday , 1 August 2014
Google Vs Facebook

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Infographie: facebook features compared to google+ features


Facebook Google+ Facebook list friends Facebook does not encourage the grouping of friends, but you can create groups using their function listsmanagement group is not as easy as circles Google, the more circles a new concept of grouping targeted contacts easily sort your friends by using the HTML5 drag and drop a user-friendly interface makes consolidation easier Google+ circles Facebook ... Read More »



 GOOGLE+ CIRCLES Google, the more circles a new concept of grouping targeted contacts easily sort your friends by using the HTML5 drag and drop a user-friendly interface makes consolidation easier. You share different things with different people. But sharing the right stuff with the right people shouldn’t be a hassle. Circles makes it easy to put your friends from Saturday ... Read More »

The Future of Search

Personalization and Privacy Moving to the Fore The rise of DuckDuckGo and Blekko is no accident. Increasingly, savvy users who don’t care about geolocation and personalized ads want an anonymous way to sift through a boatload of data to find what they’re looking for. They know what they want, and they don’t need an omniscient search engine looking over their ... Read More »

Latest news about Google+ & Facebook


This week, we find some interresting article covering Google+ or Facebook. Here we go : Simply Connect to Facebook, and get all the updates on your Google+ Facebook tab – Install … Install Social Anywhere. Get Social Anywhere. Google+Facebook allows you to see your Facebook stream inside Google+. Here is a preview screenshot. Watch the video. Googler Defends Google ... Read More »

Creating Infographic with WordPress


INFOGRAPHER is an ultimate infographic highly interactive WordPress theme. If you are looking for infographic for your website this theme is a must Use this remarkable infographics and various other involved components, choose in between 4 fluid AJAX computer animations, develop endless Parallax pages, make use of outstanding Development Slider. Develop your web site using our strongly instinctive and friendly ... Read More »

How to Improve Social Skills – Step Out of Your Shell

Many people want to improve their social skills, and there are many ways to do so. The most important part of improving these skills is that you want to socialize with other people. Choosing the techniques that will help you do so will be a much easier task after you decide it is time you did something to improve your ... Read More »

The Importance of Play

For children, play is naturally enjoyable. And since it is their active engagement in things that interest them, play should be child-led, or at least child-inspired, for it to remain relevant and meaningful to them. Children at play are happily lost in themselves; they are in their own realm of wonder, exploration, and adventure, pulling parents in at times with ... Read More »

Good Content Deserves Good Distribution – Interview with CEO, Bill Flitter

Bill shared two case studies on the Promoted Stories product. Technology leader Cisco curated and incorporated tweets via Promoted Stories to drive high-quality traffic to their Cisco News Room. The objective was to reach technology and business decision makers through high share of voice (SOV) placements within relevant sites. The content was placed in targeted RSS feeds and was automatically ... Read More »

Social Media – You Becoming the Media

As a media specialist for for 30 years I can tell you that these are amazing times. No longer does anyone have to rely on traditional media, paper, radio or TV … the internet has changed that forever. Back in the late 1990′s I did a series of radio shows and portrayed The Internet officially as the fourth media. A ... Read More »