Wednesday , 23 April 2014
Google Vs Facebook

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BZZ report: Clean and Clear Soft

Like many other Gather members, I’m a participant in BZZ campaigns and I have a new one to talk about. I received a Clean and Clear Soft Facial kit from BZZ agent.  It came with "Steam" an in-shower one minute facial and "Day" a daytime moisturizer.  Both are really great products!  The In shower Facial is my new favorite.  It’s ... Read More »

Social Media Gives Industrial Companies Competitive Advantage, Says Thomas Industrial Network Report

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Industrial companies that hesitate to embrace social media, believing that competitors are not using these platforms, are in danger of losing business opportunities, according to recent research from Thomas Industrial Network. In fact, seven out of 10 small and midsize suppliers (68 percent) are already engaging with prospects through these channels, gaining a competitive advantage over those who ... Read More »

Writing a Business Plan – Simplified

One can find a plethora of articles on the Internet and in print media about how to write a business plan. However, this article tells you how writing a business plan is as simple as putting down on paper, what you have already visualized in your mind. What is a Business Plan? Your first-ever decision to start a new venture, ... Read More »

Facebook Privacy Policy is Better Than You’ve Heard


Facebook Privacy Policy     There is a guy (or a girl) who doesn’t really mind   that Facebook knows a lot about him. He doesn’t mind that Facebook uses this information to serve up ads. In fact, he likes it.This guy is you; or at least he should be. Online advertising has come a long way. Just a year ago, we were ... Read More »

CrossOver Chromium: Google Chrome for Linux (sort of)

You’ve probably heard of Chrome, the Web browser that Google released a few months ago. While Google is plugging away at a Linux version, Chrome is only available for Windows right now. But you can still take Chrome for a test drive in Linux. Introduction While I’m pretty much a full-time Linux user, and am spoiled thanks to the wide ... Read More »

How To Excel In Life

People who excel in life are said to be emotionally intelligent. This means you have greater self-control, compassion and awareness for other people’s feelings in relation to your own. There are several parameters to determine your EI Quotient. The following are the guidelines to examine: 1. You have a strong self-awareness: In other words, you are tuned into your own ... Read More »

Popularity of Facebook Games

A few short years ago, not many people were on Facebook. What started out, as a genre for college kids to connect has become a worldwide phenomenon. Today people of all ages are getting on Facebook, poking their friends and tagging each other in photos. One aspect of the site that has people racing for their computers every day is ... Read More »

Google had to do something


After all it couldn’t simply watch as Facebook became the default social home of the connected individual. So it first tried to ride a new (Google) Wave but others just didn’t find it surf-worthy. Then it tried to create a new Buzz but managed just a jarring note with exposed contact list of Gmail users. Suddenly, Google didn’t seem the ... Read More »

Examples of social media

Social media have changed the face of the internet. This entirely new trend has led to the emergence and predominance of user-generated content. Social media allow for faster-than-ever information dissemination. Most of us have heard the term but some have difficulties connecting it to real websites and functioning web communities. When we come to think about it, most websites that ... Read More »